Mark Doran

CF L-1 Coach

What song would you sing at karaoke? Drops Of Jupiter – Train 

Best & worst movements in CrossFit? Any handstand movement / running 

What is your Spirit Animal? Tiger 

Who is your favourite Superhero? Captain America 

“Fight Gone Bad” Score? 298

General Bio:

I started CrossFit in 2014 as a means to improve my physique. I was playing the role of Frankenstein’s creature in the Australian premiere of “Frankenstein” and was requested to look as strong as possible in 12 weeks. I had heard about CrossFit and decided that a Coach Based Program would be better for keeping me on track than a normal gym regime. 

6 years later I am no longer required to stay in shape but am still completely hooked on CrossFit. On top of crossfit I have a huge interest in endurance events making me a human conundrum as I dislike running. I have completed over 50 obstacle races, 3 of them being over a marathon length and two being a 12 hour endurance event. 

As a coach, I enjoy finding the small elements in each individual’s movement or workout that can get them an extra 1%. Be it setting a new eye line or ensuring the pull on a row is complete, seeing the improvements no matter how small is what drives me. I also love ensuring that no matter how hard the workout is, everyone, myself included, walks out with a smile on their face.