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CrossFit: March 31,2022

Warm Up Equipment List 1. Medball 2. Barbell – floor General/ Range of motion: Run 200m or 1min on any machine 2 Rounds of: 6 Single-leg Glute Bridges e/side 8 Sit-ups 10 Push-ups 12 Jumps over the bar (facing the bar) Skill/ Technique: 5 Good…
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CrossFit: March 30,2022

Warm Up Equipment List 1. Barbell – rack 2. HSPU Mat General/ Range of motion: Run 400m or 2mins on any machine 30sec Front Rack Stretch 10 Air Squats 2 Rounds of: 3 Inchworms 6 Cossack Squats 9 Push-ups Skill/ Technique: 6 Front Squats Specific:…
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Movement Tip: The Floor Press

CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart demonstrates the floor press to help you knock your workouts down to the ground (or in this case, the floor). Points Of Performance Slightly wider than shoulder-width grip Begin with arms extended, bar over the chest Shoulders remain in…
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