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Katie Carr


January 22, 2024

Empowering Strength: Juggling CrossFit and Motherhood.

I have many hats. 

Wife. Mother. Cook. Chauffeur. Planner. Stylist. Snack Bitch. Bank. Nurse. Boss. 

With all of these identities living at once, often competing for priority, it’s easy to loose yourself. It’s easy to put everyone else first, and put the needs of those you care about before your own. Time and time again. 

That’s why the decision to do CrossFit was such a hard one for me to make. Motherhood is already such a juggling act, how do I add more to that plate without it all crashing down?  Would it even be possible?

I have four kids and a husband who currently works in Bendigo. My husband's job means I often live the role of a single mother. I function in a state of controlled chaos, balancing all the things my family need and time is often the issue. 

So how could I possibly justify doing anything before I get the kids sorted? It meant that I would be dedicating time that was just for me. Setting aside precious time each day to my own needs. On many levels it feels wrong, it feels selfish.

Moreover, I had no idea how I would make it work. I was terrified of the workouts and worried about what to do with the kids.


But that’s the thing about Iron Bear. It’s a community. It's a family.

From the moment I stepped foot through the doors, the coaches and the members have made made me feel welcome. My three girls beg to come with me to any session they can. They love the people I train with and they love the workouts too. Once a week, they also train with Adrian in CrossFit Kids, learning the fundamentals of movement and doing it safely.  I never hear them talk about being skinny or dieting, but rather, that they ‘want to be Strong like mum’. Without even realising it, I’ve modelled behaviours to them I didn’t learn until I was in my 30s!

It’s made me realise that this time I set aside for myself is vital. It serves two purposes:

First, the WODS, the skill development and training have boosted my self-confidence. 

It feels good to be strong. 

It feels good to see myself getting better at things I never thought I could attempt let alone master. 

It feels good to know I can do physically hard things. Finding mental grit and strength to keep pushing.

Second, and probably most importantly, CrossFit and Everyone at Iron Bear have become my mental sanctuary. It’s time(even when my kids tag along) I get to do something that challenges me, that builds me up and that fills me with the feeling of ‘Yes! I just did that!’  

It means that when I go back to one of my other ‘Hats’, I can do it better, because I’ve done something to fill my own cup. I am mentally stronger to face things that previously, might have knocked me down. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself and life by training at Iron Bear. 

Women need iron. It’s absolutely empowering to be able to lift heavy things and to feel strong in your own body. 

Kids don’t have to be a barrier. Find a way to include them and you’ll end up teaching them through osmosis. 

Make time for yourself. Other parts of your life will prosper if you give yourself the gift of time to do something fulfilling. 

For me …. It’s CrossFit.

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