Adrian Murley
Adrian Murley


Fran: Good question. Can't find my time. Stay tuned

Fight Gone Bad: 288

Grace: 3:35

5km Run: **mmm never timed one.

Back Squat: 145kg



Certified CrossFit Coach LV2

Owner/Coach LV2

Adrian Murley

About Coach

Adrian's entry into CrossFit marks a powerful example of the life-changing effects this fitness approach offers. Starting his CrossFit adventure at the age of 48 in 2016, he quickly felt its profound benefits on his physical and mental well-being.

This personal evolution sparked an intense enthusiasm for CrossFit, culminating in a bold move in 2022 when he took ownership of CrossFit Iron Bear. Adrian stands as more than a coach; he embodies the transformative essence of CrossFit. His evolution from a novice to a gym proprietor and coach and mentor serves as a beacon of motivation for anyone looking to positively alter their life through fitness.

Turning Point

At 48, standing at a crossroads between inactivity and transformation, a friend's encouragement became the pivotal moment that reshaped my life. This simple yet profound act of support steered me towards CrossFit, a journey that has since become a cornerstone of my existence.

It's not just a fitness regimen; it's a catalyst for change, enhancing my physical and mental resilience. Inspired by this turning point, I've dedicated myself to paying it forward, offering the same encouragement to friends and acquaintances.

Every day, I strive to be the friend who lights the path for others, just as someone did for me, demonstrating the life-altering power of motivation and community.

Motivation & Passion

The joy that fuels my motivation comes from witnessing others embark on the transformative journey I once did. There's an indescribable fulfillment in seeing individuals achieve what they once deemed impossible, transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to one brimming with health and vitality.

My journey from inactivity to the dynamic world of CrossFit opened my eyes to the boundless potential within each of us. Now, I am driven by the desire to inspire and support others in discovering their own strength and capabilities.

Watching someone shatter their limitations and embrace a healthier way of living not only mirrors my own experience but also reinforces the incredible impact of encouragement and belief in each other’s potential. This cycle of positive change and empowerment is the essence of my passion and the heart of my motivation.