Dani Hodges
Dani Hodges

2022 Won the Down Under Championship (masters div.)

2021 - Won Torian Pro (Masters div.)

2022 & 2019 - Won the Masters league in CrossFit.

2017 & 18 - Competed in Australian Ninja Warrior

2015 - Won the Swedish championship in Athletic fitness


CrossFit L2 Trainer - CrossFit LLC

Certificate III & IV in Fitness - The College of Health and Fitness

Various Specialized courses (Olympic weightlifting, Kettlebell, HIIT, Gymnastics)

CrossFit Coach LV2

Dani Hodges

With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, spanning both Australia and international locations, my career has been diverse and rich in specialty areas. Initially, I embarked on my fitness journey as a group fitness instructor at a women's-only gym, where I focused on martial arts. My path then led me to one of Sweden's largest commercial gyms, where I served as a personal trainer for eight years. During this period, I developed specialized expertise in pregnancy and postpartum fitness as well as competitive bodybuilding.

Following my tenure in Sweden, I opened my own personal training studio in Sydney. There, I concentrated on delivering high-energy boot camps and boxing classes, tailoring my programs to a variety of fitness levels and goals. After relocating to Melbourne five years ago, I shifted my focus towards CrossFit, dedicating myself to both coaching and competing in the sport. I am currently a Level 2 CrossFit coach with extensive experience in functional fitness, continuously striving to enhance the athletic performance and health of my clients.

I’m a mum of two children and currently into house renovations in my free time.

Throughout my early adult life, I struggled significantly with body image and had a challenging relationship with food. This battle intensified after I competed in and won the Swedish bodybuilding championships, a victory that unfortunately led to an eating disorder. However, my perspective began to shift when I embraced CrossFit—a sport where performance trumps appearance, and the focus is squarely on what the body can achieve, not just how it looks.

Discovering that CrossFit's community values strength and capability over aesthetics was transformative. It taught me to view food as fuel, essential for performance, rather than something to be meticulously counted and controlled. This realization allowed me to adopt a healthier approach to eating—one focused on nourishment and strength. Now, as a coach, I passionately advocate for this balanced perspective, encouraging others to eat for performance and well-being, liberating them from the constraints of calorie counting.

The world would undoubtedly improve if everyone prioritized their health. My goal is simple: to help individuals discover a passion for training and healthy habits. Success for me is seeing someone integrate fitness and good nutrition seamlessly into their lifestyle. These elements shouldn't be overly complicated; they should naturally align with and enhance one's daily life.